Andes Trail Stages 17-19, Aug 22-24, 2019

Stage 17-19 of 109 Huanchaco to Bushcamp to Bushcamp to Caraz, Day 24-26 of 142

Photos on Strava:

DescriptionDistance in kmDirt kmClimb in mEFI
South America1,9799524,832
Andes Trail1,6978621,222X

We’ve had no internet access for a while, and it doesn’t really work in our hotel in Caraz either. Luckily my phone is working really well. The stage from Huanchaco was mostly along the Pan Am Highway, including a ceremony at the site of our mechanic’s son’s fatal biking accident on Jan 6. It was very emotional and sad but I’m really glad all of us were there to support the family. His wife and daughter are traveling with us for a few days – the daughter on bike.

Riding together, video by Wytze

The last 9km was off on a dirt road with much less traffic to a “Desert Bushcamp”. Pretty nice really. It felt like we were finally out IN Peru. From our camp there were a couple of bushes visible some distance away but no other plants anywhere.

The next day started with 35km of rough dirt but then we hit pavement. The camp at 85km was ok, next to the river, but that night the sickness that’s been getting people finally got me. Diarrhea in the middle of the night, almost no sleep, not fun.

This morning I couldn’t eat much breakfast and should’ve just gotten directly into the van. But I rode to lunch, and could only eat a tiny amount (a granadilla fruit and a Coke). For some stupid reason I still kept riding but ran out of gas completely 5km further up. Both today and yesterday were blistering hot and today’s climb was 1600m.

I couldn’t stay awake in the van but the scenery was amazing. Such steep cliffs, ridiculous tunnels very often, sort of a Peruvian Death Road. Soup and avocado with lots of salt was good, then a long nap. Hope I am cured tomorrow for the next stage. I did manage to have a few pieces of pizza and some maracuya juice, then went to bed at 7:30, hammered.

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