Andes Trail Stage 93, Nov 28, 2019

Stage 93 of 109, day 122 of 142

Photos and route on Strava

DescriptionDistance in kmDirt kmClimb in mEFI
South America9,3661,68197,201
Andes Trail9,0681,67293,480X
    Argentina3,866773 34,043

Missed distance 282km, 3.5 stages (19/20 and 31/32)

Stage 93 was an easy one so 7am breakfast seemed strange, but it was the standard and good. The best part was walking outside and feeling and hearing NO WIND!

Las Horquetas

After the last few days we were thinking it’s always really windy here, but no, it was calm. We packed up and took off at 8:30 and while the forecast tailwind did not appear, we didn’t complain. We had calm to about 5 or 10 kph headwind for the first 48km to lunch. Quickly I was in front with Greg, Twan, Cees and Jan. Greg was so excited he pushed our paceline to nearly 40kph but died quickly. So the other four of us took turns of about 1km or a bit more, cranking at 31-35, and it was great. At least it was great 75% of the time!

Relaxing after my pull

When you finish your pull, you fall back to the end and casually ride. You can take photos, drink, have a snack and look at the scenery. In front you just crank hard.

Lunch was special since it was from the camp truck – the lunch truck had taken a longer route to go shopping for the next three days. So we had Wijnand serving lunch for the first time since before Salta. He had the music going, tables and benches out, and special treats like tuna.

We sat out for a long time by the river, in the exact middle of nowhere, eating lots.

Lunch by the river at our tables

Finally it was time to go so we set off on the gravel road to Estancia La Angostura, about 34km away. My Garmin said we had climbed 6m in that first 48km section and we headed down the gentle gravel road with a nice tailwind. What could be easier? I went with Twan and next thing you know were were cruising at 33kph through the rough gravel. The bike felt so great and responsive – like it could do no wrong. We blew by a few riders who had started earlier and it was great. We caught Miranda and rode with her the rest of the way. At one point I said, “Look left” and a gorgeous wild horse was running alongside us, going slightly faster than our 30. It crossed the road looking regal.

We stopped for photos and to let the truck pass.

Before we knew it we were at the turn off. It was marked by an old cart and of course we had to take the obvious photo:

Then 4km down a side road to the Estancia. It’s a gorgeous place, quiet and peaceful. We set up tents – our area was singles only, no couples as they talk too much in the tent. Then excellent hot showers, delicious soup and snacks and it was still only 2pm! I guess that’s why we had breakfast early.

Estancia La Angostura
“Singles” camping area

The afternoon felt like a rest day, so relaxing. It was surprising to have internet that worked too. We lazed around and it was great. Dinner was at 7, with a special dessert of cake with limoncello on it. I relaxed my “no dinner dessert” rule yet again, for another good reason. After dinner we went for a walk, saw flamingos and horses and enjoyed the day.

Sturdy horses

We’re now at 48°38’S, equivalent to near the US/Canada border in Washington. We have four more days of riding to El Calafate, our next rest.

2 thoughts on “Andes Trail Stage 93, Nov 28, 2019

  1. Back from dinner at the Neffs, 31 folks in all, several from Los Gatos. Took a Shoshone Indian widow home afterward with about a foot of snow on the ground. Fortunately half a dozen folks had left tracks on the Ruby Valley Highway so it was pretty carefree and the quarter mile offload to her house was ok with the Jeep. She has four outside dogs, like huskies, and four of the drop-kicking chihuahua type. Twas a Happy Thanksgiving all around.

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  2. You are so awesome! I can’t believe that you are only weeks away from the end. We had a great gathering at our house this evening. All of the family. We talked about all of the Thanksgivings that were away on an adventure. It seems those are the ones we remember most.

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