Balkan Stage 3 (rest day)

Today was an optional ride – we are staying at the same campsite in Bovec for two nights. The ride was short, only 52km, but climbing to the highest point on a road in Slovenia, 2200m, a climb of 1800m or so. Both my Achilles were hurting from the previous two days so I opted for a rest day, along with many others.

Bovec is quite the scenic town

After breakfast I walked “downtown” and did a little shopping, did my laundry, read and passed the morning very nicely. By lunch time everyone was back and we enjoyed a double meal of lunch plus soup. In the afternoon, not much happened, but we did make it to the Thrsty River brewery by 4. Bob and I had planned to meet there but when I showed up with 6-7 others, he was already there with 6-7 others. So we had a grand Bike Dreams party, sitting outdoors, most people opting for 4-beer samplers. I had a great NE IPA called Mirky, a stout, a “Belgian IPA” and a “Sour IPA”. And pretzels and more beer, so fun.

Part of the group
Two crazy IPA combos, stout and a NE IPA that was very tasty
I think they have vowel-aversion in Slovenia
Good choices and good prices ($1 = 1€)

After that we walked back to camp and had a nice dinner, with lots of Slovenian Merlot. Bob had the “Marmot” and gave a great talk about the funny things that happened in the last day. Life is so good.

4 thoughts on “Balkan Stage 3 (rest day)

  1. A bike tour with a brewery? Throw in a disc golf putt-putt course and I’ll be there yesterday! Glad you’re taking a rest day. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the tour.

    P. S. Cameron just got his own disc golf bag. He’ll be joining us when we play our next round.


  2. Hi Nathan You sure know how to live! Me, after 72 years behind bars (handlebars that is) I can truly appreciate your trip and I am with you via your blogs and pictures, if only vicariously.

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