Balkan Stage 10 to Zadar, Croatia

No big post today. WiFi is not working in camp and I am hammered from a hard day. I guess we should count our blessings…it was supposed to rain all day but stopped after riding a bit over 30 km. It sure started at an inconvenient time though: while I was packing my bags in my tent.

After breakfast where we had a bowl at a strategic spot to catch drips, we left at 7:45 in strong rain. Cars and trucks washed us with waves of water. We had over 110 km to go and the headwind was brutal. But perseverance pays off and by lunch at 55 km it was semi-sunny.

The second half was hard due to headwind and distance and it was hot and humid. Done now in camp feels good. I have an hour to relax until I’m on dinner duty.

Bob’s answer to “What are bread bags good for?”

2 thoughts on “Balkan Stage 10 to Zadar, Croatia

  1. Bob’s answer is right! My grandpa would put bread bags over his boots when he rode his motorcycle to work on rainy days.

    As Tom always says “there’s no bad weather only bad riding gear”.

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