Balkan Stage 14 Korčula to Trpanj, Croatia

Sept 20, 2022

Stage 14 of 36, day 16 of 43: 38.3 km, 693m climb, 1:57 Moving, 2:47 Total,  62.4 kph max


After such a fun, easy day yesterday, it really seemed like we’re cheating today to have an even easier day. We woke up to dry tents, clear skies and beauty everywhere.

The view from camp before leaving

Breakfast was normal at 7am and we left just before 8am. It was only 13 km to the ferry terminal – I led the way, curving around, a little climbing, and a scenic Rob detour through the touristy town of Korčula. We arrived with plenty of time to spare and relaxed until 9am when the ferry took off. It was a short ride over to Island Peljesac, gorgeous sitting on the top deck.

We started riding and it was a bit busier, the road was a little narrow, there was a headwind and it was up hill. There was a 400m climb over about 6 km, with amazing views to the right and somewhat scary traffic on the left.

Photo break with Niek on the climb

Once that was over, we headed inland on tiny roads with no traffic. The last part of the ride was just great, on a bike route, gorgeous and almost zero traffic. We had the typical big, steep descent into the town then arrived at the beach campsite.

Let’s coast down to camp

The trucks hadn’t arrived, so we hung out on the beach. The water is so clear here and there are no crowds – just great.

We unloaded the trucks after a while, set up camp, and I retired to the outdoor bar to write this and relax. We looked ahead to tomorrow’s route, bigger, but still relatively short, and the excitement of entering Bosnia and Herzegovina, a new country for me. Then there was a lunch plus soup interlude, plus more snacks.

Home sweet home for a night

I spent the afternoon lazily, I took a nap, hung out, had a couple of beers with the guys, then it was time for dinner. It was Graham’s birthday and we sang and he talked about the Bike Dreams family that he was happy to be part of. Dinner was nice, then Tom gave a nice Marmot talk, passing it off to Joop for tomorrow.

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