Rest day in Dubrovnik

Sept 24, 2022

Even though it was a rest day, Niek, Bob and I were first in to breakfast when it opened at 6:59am. It was sumptuous and delicious, best yet on the trip. We ate massively then caught an uber to the old town. Our plan was to see the sights before it got too crowded, especially the famous walk around the old town walls.

It worked pretty well and was cool and uncrowded as we entered and climbed up to the wall. The view was great as we slowly made our way around the whole perimeter.

Looking through a hole in the wall
Across to the fortress
Niek and I looking out over the Adriatic
The view south
No crowds early in the morning

After a full circumnavigation, we walked through the Rector’s Palace, checked out a couple of museums, then headed up to the cable car up Mt Srd.

The view up over 400m to Mt Srd
The ride takes only 4 minutes and suddenly you have an amazing view of Dubrovnik.

We had a good look around, then explored the Homeland War Museum, then started down, hiking the rocky trail back to town.

The view north on one of the switchbacks
Looking down to the old town

Once we were back down, Bob and I had lunch at a small restaurant then he wanted more museums and I wanted to relax. So I walked back to the hotel, gave my bike some love in the garage, then hung out for a couple of hours until it was time to plan out dinner. I found a place nearby and at 6:30 the three of us, plus our new Danish rider, Per, walked over and had a very nice dinner with wine, in the open air.

We walked back and then made another ice cream stop to try and use up all our kunas. I still have 20 left (about $2.50) so I can have another ice cream or drink during the ride to Montenegro tomorrow – we won’t cross the border until lunch time or so.

I love rest days, especially in great places like this. From here we have 2 nights in Montenegro, a night in Albania, then we arrive in the capital of Albania, Tirana, for our next rest day. Unfortunately the weather is forecast to be really wet during those days, but we’ve survived that before.

2 thoughts on “Rest day in Dubrovnik

  1. YES, you did well as you took advantage of that rest day — that walls walk is truly a highlight of Old Dubrovnik–you had far fewer people there than we did–and the view from atop via cable car is indeed memorable–but unlike you, we took the cable car down also.


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