A day in Athens, Greece


After such a big day finishing the tour, it was great to have a free day to just relax. I slept about 8 hours (amazing for me) and had breakfast with lots of the riders. In the morning Bob and I packed up our bikes and said many good-byes.

Two Salsa Cutthroats getting packed in our hotel room

We left the hotel around 11 and walked downtown. Bob was off for some museums and I just wanted to look around town and do some shopping. I walked all around, about 8 km, including returning on the same route I had walked in 2017 with my friend Christof when we were here after a sailing trip.

Typical view in Athens: the Acropolis through an ancient arch
Walking along a busy street – suddenly there is a 1500 year old Roman Bathhouse, excavated while digging a Metro air vent

Back at the hotel I had some lunch and finally, the WiFi was working well enough to post yesterday’s blog entry. It was also working well enough to check in for my flight tomorrow. I relaxed in the afternoon, then the Craft Beer Lover’s group met in the lobby at 6:30 to polish off the wine we were gifted at the dinner the night before. We then walked over to a bar Tom had spied. But it had no craft beer! So over to the next one: same problem. But at the third, we had a round of interesting IPAs, standing in the street like the locals.

Street corner drinking in Athens

Tom had picked out the dinner place too, a high end restaurant where we ended up having the real celebration of the trip, the Last Supper. We didn’t take any photos but it was awesome, with a couple of amazing Greek red wines (big contrast from all the others we had had), delicious appetizers and entrées and Pavlova for dessert, then some Italian Amaro to finish it off. Well, to really finish it off, we walked down to a gelateria for the final dessert. Life is so good sometimes. I will never forget these guys and this day and this amazing trip.

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