Ready to Go!

3 years in the planning – since my friend Corbin discovered this trip! We were in an AirBnB in July 2016 in the Pyrenees and he sent me an email to the next room: “Check this out!!!” It ended up that he couldn’t go but now I finally am.

Today I packed the 120 line items (more like 200 separate things).

The final result

With all the spare bike parts, camping gear and clothes for 6 months including Antarctica, I couldn’t fit it all into the box (max 23kg) plus one pack. Luckily Grace is going for only 3 weeks, flying with just carry-on. So she can check in my second pack! We’re off in the morning.

My normal email and phone will work in Ecuador (although probably not all the time in the Galapagos) and during the trip so stay in touch – and have a great summer!

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