Safe in Quito

We had a pretty painless flight from SFO to Houston to Quito. The last leg was delayed an hour which meant we landed at 12:30am instead of 11:30pm. And 5 other planes had just arrived rather than would just arrive. So immigration took some time.

Getting to town is maybe a 30 minute drive but it took some doing to get my large bike box there. None of the taxis were big enough so it looked like they would keep it at the airport until the morning but one guy figured out how to fit it in his taxi, but had zero space for anything else so we rode in a second one.

By 2:30am (12:30am California time) we were checked in. The Ambassador Hotel seems fine so far. Our phones work well here with very fast LTE – over 50mbps. Good wifi in the hotel.

Leaving home for a long time
Mono Lake and Yosemite
All my luggage made it to Quito!

2 thoughts on “Safe in Quito

  1. The Nathan’s bike box “fit” in the taxi only because the driver agreed to drive without having his back supported! In other words, both the front seats had their backs down, as if both the driver and the passenger we’re sleeping. The driver must have had an extremely strong core!


  2. The taxi driver of Nathan’s bike box had an extremely strong core, because he drive for something like 40 minutes without a support for his back! To fit the big box, both the driver’s and the passenger’s seat backs had to be laid back. Yow!


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