July 4 in Quito

The day started out on a plane, and we finally got to sleep at our hotel from 2:30am to 8 or so. After breakfast, we walked a bit and caught a tourist bus that circles the city. We rode it to the Basílica del Voto Nacional. Climbing up to the top of the tower we really noticed the elevation – close to 3000m (10000′). The views were great and it was a pretty amazing cathedral.

We walked over to the old town and had some interesting fruit ice creams while waiting for the bus. It took us up to the Virgin of El Panecillo, a nice statue above town, at over 3000m. We had a nice lunch up there, with fancy fruit drinks like Colada Molada (thick, warm, blackberry goodness). Then we ran out of power and took the bus back and had a civilized afternoon nap.

Shopping at the supermarket was really fun, especially the fruit section. The supermarket was clean and very well supplied and had great prices. Then an afternoon beer and snack session, followed by dinner at a vegetarian restaurant where we had “sausages” and “meat”. And finally ice cream for dessert with some amazing chocolate samples at Republica del Cacao.

It was a pretty fun day and we’re off to the Galapagos tomorrow!

At the Basílica
Crazy fruits in the supermarket
Panorama view of a small part of Quito

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