Made it to Slovenia but…

Travel these days isn’t yet back to what it was. My flight on Thursday was cancelled and rescheduled for 29 hours later. That flight worked ok but had the drawback of going through Heathrow, my least favorite airport in the world.

The flight to Ljubljana was 30 min late after a 3 hour layover so baggage should’ve been no problem. But after the bags stopped coming, I had to join at least 20 people at the lost luggage office – luckily I was near the head of the queue.

The guy took my information and sounded really positive about being able to deliver my bike and pack to the hotel in the morning, but I have doubts. I had booked a shuttle so that bringing the large box would be no problem – the guy was there with a Nathan Hoover sign and drove me 25 minutes to the hotel. I checked in and then went to the bar to see if there was any food. It was about 10pm and I hadn’t had dinner. No food but yes beer which was ok. While I was sipping a nice Slovenian lager, several of our Bike Dream riders walked up, two of whom had also lost their bikes/luggage. Soon, in walked three of the crew – it was great to see our Andes Trail master mechanic Ype after 3 years and nice to see our driver Henk who I had dinner with in June in Holland. I got to meet our guide Wilbert who I’ve emailed many times over the last 5 years (I signed up for this one early in 2019 and the previous trip in 2016).

We’ll make it work somehow, I am positive. Back in my room at 11pm, I received a text from British Air lost luggage, so at least the guy at the office did something right. Good night!

3 thoughts on “Made it to Slovenia but…

  1. Sending so many positive vibes your luggage is there when you wake up. Here is to another adventure and making every moment count.


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